K2’s network accommodates car shipping needs in all 50 states from one coast to another coast in the continental United States. This applies to just about any kind of vehicle including luxury, sedan, sports, SUV. pick up, and most other types of vehicles. Whatever your type of car there is a reliable and proper auto transport operation that can suite your needs.

Unless otherwise requested an open carrier will transport your car to the closest possible point of your specified destination. Open transport is the overwhelming choice for most customers as closed carriers can be significantly more costly. But, if you do have a luxury vehicle or some other special requirement a closed carrier can easily be requested. If you have the need for special transport to or from Hawaii most transporters will move via either open carrier or totally closed carrier to a California port for the next leg of the move.Whatever your destination each detail of the process will be handled with care and attention with your watchful eye reviewing the process in advance.

It is always best to do a thorough review of the transport company that you will be using. You should not hesitate to ask all relevant questions, review insurance policies, billing questions, verify pick up and delivery details. Although K2 is not responsible for any element of the service provided by other transport entities, we are here to provide you with the information that you will be to begin the process intelligently. By placing basic info in K2autoshipping’s form and submitting you are requesting free auto shipping quotes and relevant shipping info.