Preparing Your Car For Shipping

When planning to move a vehicle with a professional auto transport company, there are some ground good practices that should  be followed to avoid any problems throughout the process. The most important for safety sake is to verify that your vehicle is not carrying a significant amount of fuel. Although this seems like a common sense suggestion many people neglect to run their fuel down before turning it over to the transporter. Imagine what could potentially happen if the carrier was involved in an accident and all the cars that it was carrying were filed with fuel. So, this remains as one important guideline.

Food is another thing that should be cleaned out of your car as perishables can rot and attract animals while the carrier is parked. Also, no one wants their car to smell once it arrives at its destination.

Any liquids that re left in the car can freeze or be misidentified as fuel. As the carriers are careful not to transport fuel this misidentification could require the driver to check with the local fire department which can further delay the trip.

Fragile items should never be left in your vehicle for a transport. The roads are sometimes filled with pot holes and curves, so fragile items can easily be damaged.

Valuables left in the car can only be done at the car owner’s risk. Insurance covers elements of transport, but not valuables that are intentionally left behind for the trip with your car. The driver is often not aware of your own intentions including transporting valuables.

It is obvious that explosives should not be left in the vehicle, but still worth listing as an item. There are individuals that transport explosives as part of their work.

Many citizens in the US are proud to bare their right to arm. This is all well and good, but not something that belongs in a vehicle that will be transported. Remove all firearms from your car before turning it over to the transporter.

It is best to go over  this inside of your car to remove all money. Although you should be able to trust your carrier, you never know who will pier inside your vehicle. so be safe and keep your money in your pocket.

Remove all flammables or any chemicals that you may be carrying in your vehicle.

Medications and narcotics that are in your car trunk should be taken out as your vehicle is no place for transporting such items.

If you have a lot of paperwork related to work or your personal life be sure to take it out of the vehicle prior to transport. Papers can be jostled around, lost, or damaged during a rough transport.

It is every person’s right to drink, but carrying bottles of alcohol through car shipping is a bad idea. Bottles can break and spill all over the car. Alcohol is flammable adding another potentially dangerous situation.

Jewelry and furs should never be left in a car prior to transport. Items such as these are easily stolen and often invite unwanted attention.

It is a common thought to place live plants inside a car for transport. This is not a great idea as cars often bump up and down causing the bases of plants to break releasing dirt all over your vehicle, Once a transport is successful it would be a shame for your car to arrive filled with dirt.

Lastly, no contraband should be left in your car. Carriers do get attention from the authorities and do have to follow the laws of the land. Your car is your property, so there is no need to complicate what should be a relatively and safe smooth process.