How long does it take for my vehicle to arrive?

You can estimate the time your car will be in transport by taking the total mileage and divide it by 350. That’s the number of days, plus one, that it will take to deliver your car. Each auto transport company is different, so this number will be an estimate. Remember, the car carrier is probably hauling more than just your car on his truck, so he’ll be picking up and dropping off other vehicles. Delays will happen.

When will they pick up my car?

The sooner you book your auto transport company to ship a car, the more control you have over when it will be picked up. You may be able to find a vehicle transport to come in one to four days. If, however, your pick-up day is at least 5 days off, you can usually find a car carrier to come on the day you want. So, if you can, make your appointment with the car transport at least a week prior to shipping.

How do I pay?

You’ll need to make a deposit when you sign your contract, and pay the balance upon delivery of your car. Some car transport companies require the full amount up front. If your car is being shipped to a port, or if it will arrive to your new destination before you do, you may have to pay up front. Be prepared for a legal adult (18 years old) to sign for your car upon delivery.

Do I need insurance?

The auto shipping company is required by Federal law to insure the cars they are transporting. The insurance will be up to the Kelly Blue Book evaluation of the car. Always ask the car transport company you select what terms their insurance contains. If you are using an auto transport finder, the finder service does not offer insurance. The vehicle shipping company you choose will supply the insurance.

Should I be present when the auto transport picks up my car?

A legal adult has to be available at the pickup and delivery site. This person delivers the key to the driver of the car transport, and signs a BOL, or bill of lading. He will also have to sign an inspection report when the driver picks up the car, and again upon delivery. Whoever receives the car after transport will need to inspect the car himself before he signs off on it.

Can my car be shipped if it’s not running?

Cars not in running condition are referred to in-ops. You’ll usually have to pay extra for an in-op car. Provide very clear descriptions of the car when you request free auto transport quotes for an in-op car. For instance, the auto transport company will want to know if the tires will hold air, if it will roll, and if the steering works when the driver winches onto the car carrier. You’ll need to be very precise with the description of your car’s capabilities and handicaps, because the auto transport company will send a different rig and driver that specializes in in-op cars. Not all auto transport trucks have winches. You also need to realize that bigger vehicles weigh more and are harder to load and transport if they are in-op. The driver on a car carrier can probably push a small car onto his truck by himself, but a huge, dually pickup will require a wench for loading, if it can’t be driven onto the car carrier.

What should I do to prepare my car to be shipped?

You should only have about a quarter tank of gas in your car when it’s loaded on the car transport. If it’s going to Hawaii, it has to have less than a quarter of a tank. Most car shipping companies have their own policies about what you leave in your car while it’s in transit. Discuss this in detail with your car moving company, and compare auto shipping quotes with that in mind. The car carrier’s insurance won’t cover anything you leave in the car, and that’s according to Federal law. If you’re sending your car to Hawaii, it has to be in stock condition, with no modifications.

What are the pick-up requirements?

Ask the auto shipping company you hire what their delivery policies are. Many of them will meet you in a large parking lot near your home, and off-load your car, there. They’ll suggest a parking lot big enough to drive their car carrier into, like one at a mall or grocery store.

How can I choose between auto transport companies?

The best way to choose your auto transport company is to get several auto shipping quotes—at least 2 or 3. Once you get a quote, talk to them about their policies. If they sound like a vehicle shipping company you can trust, it’s a good sign.

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