Shipping Process

In preparation for any auto shipping it is important to plan ahead to avoid any mishaps or problems. The first logical item to consider is whether your can is running, or does it require special moving services. A car that is not in good shape mechanically needs extra attention in order to get it onto the shipping vehicle or possibly even getting it to and from the drop off points. Checking the car battery is a common simple problem that is often overlooked. Remember that a vehicle may possibly be in transit for a number of days during which time the battery can lose its charge as well, so be sure it has a strong charge from the beginning of the trip. If a car is being shipped from Miami to New York and a given car all of a sudden will not start then additional fees may apply as time and effort will be needed to move the car. Local towing services can also apply, so simply verifying that your battery is strong will avoid these problems.
It is a good idea not to pack your personal belongings in the car before shipping. Many people look at auto transport as a free way to also transport personal items. Some clothes and simple things are fine, but it is important to check the shipping guidelines before packing up the car with other items.
One very important thing to consider is the amount of fuel that you leave in your car. A full tank of gas can obviously lead to a very dangerous situation in an accident or if a leak occurs. A quarter tank is about the most fuel that should be left in a vehicle before shipping.
Make sure that you leave your license plates in the car when shipping and do not leave any for sale signs on the car during this process. Cars without plates can confuse the transport company and prevent your car from reaching its destination.
Lastly, be sure to thoroughly check the background of your chosen transport company including reputation, history in the business, and pricing. It is your responsibility to verify certain things before entrusting your car with an auto shipper. By following these common sense guidelines you are insuring that your car will arrive safely at your destination.