Auto Shipping Insurance

Once you decide to employ a car carrier, it will be loaded onto a car transport truck and secured until the truck leaves at the agreed on delivery time. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has ruled that the car transport companies and trucks need to carry certain insurance to protect the vehicles being transported. This is additional to cargo insurance required for all goods transporters who travel the open road must have. The least amount of insurance these auto transports can carry is $250 thousand. The policy will cover only vehicles being transported from pick up to delivery. It will not cover any time spend in the yard at the auto transport company. The car carrier has a different insurance coverage to take care of their truck and damage that occurs if there is an accident.
In reality, damages that occur during transport seldom affect several vehicles. Usually, only one vehicle will be damages if there is road debris or bad weather.  Vehicles being carried are insured according to the Kelly Blue Book values. The auto shipping company won’t insure after-market modifications, or other changes you made to your car. It also won’t cover anything else you leave in your vehicle.
If you need to file an insurance claim successfully, the key is time. Contact the auto transporter’s insurance carrier immediately upon receipt of your car—at least, no later than the next day. You’ll have to present a copy of the inspection report for when the car was picked up, and for when it was delivered. Be sure to make a note of the damage to your car on the delivery inspection report. More important than anything, the inspection report will be necessary to collect damages from the car moving company. Be sure to remember that mechanical damage to your car are not covered, so if the brakes seem different after you ship your car, or the steering feels funny, you still don’t have grounds for a claim.
Go to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s website and enter your car carrier’s MC number. The auto shipping company can give you this number. By doing this, you’ll find out what kind of insurance your preferred car carrier uses.